Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing Too



We live in the era of the internet. Even the smallest business owners these days at least have a website, and many of them have quickly turned themselves into large businesses with help from digital marketing.

Some of them, on the other hand, stick to an age old phrase: “We don’t need digital marketing.”

To these ‘traditional’ business owners, the concept of digital marketing seems like a fad, or a waste of time and money. Adreek Media Private Limited, a leading digital marketing and media solutions agency based in Noida, lists some common reasons why traditional small business owners reject the value and necessity of having digital marketing in their arsenal, and how they can be easily dismissed as flawed thinking.

I don’t need more customers

It’s hard to argue with such logic. If you’re satisfied with your existing customer base and aren’t interested in growing, no one can convince you otherwise. It’s a nice position to be in, just make sure you can count on those customers for the long haul.

All my customers are offline

This is one of the usual complaints of businesses that find customers through existing partnerships and networking. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s a representation of biased thinking. You’ll only attract customers offline if you’re only marketing offline! There are 5 billion Google searches every day and over 1 billion active Facebook users; don’t you think at least some of those users might be interested in your business?

Online marketing doesn’t work for me

If you’ve tried marketing before and have seen little to no success, that doesn’t mean marketing doesn’t work. It simply means there was a flaw in its design or execution. The correct response is to make improvements by finding new partners, pursuing new channels, and increasing the quality of the data you work with.

Online marketing is a fad

SEO (search engine optimization) and social media optimization are frequent targets of this phrase. Now that both fields have been around for more than a decade, traditional business owners are starting to take them more seriously, but I have no proof that they’ll be around forever. I have a suspicion that they’ll transform rather than fade away entirely.

It’s too expensive

This is another valid point, but remember, marketing is an investment. If executed properly, you’ll see a positive ROI, meaning you’ll get back more revenue than you put forth in the first place.

I don’t get it

Just because you don’t “get it” now doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of getting it. The Internet is alive with communities willing and able to help you figure it out. Besides, you can always hire an agency to design, execute, and manage a campaign for you, like Adreek Media!

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